About us

Following the birth of her son, Maria Eduarda (the founder) quit her job and started to realise her gym clothes had become her everyday wear. Since then, she decided to show that gym clothes can be used for both casual and formal situations. From work to gym, from a walk in the park to a nightclub! That’s how Tomato Fit was born. 

And why Tomato? You may ask!

At the beginning, the idea emerged because her son Thomas, aka "Tomate"(Tomato in Portuguese), and then lots of new thoughts popped up.

Like our clothes, tomatoes are very versatile!

Firstly, the pronunciation. In English you can say “Tomahto” or “Tomayto”. Well, we prefer the first one, since we are in the UK, but if you say “Tomayto”,we won’t be upset about it.

Secondly, you can make so many different recipes using Tomatoes. Caprese salad , Roast Tomatoes, Tomatoes Sauce, Baked Stuffed Tomatoes, Bloody Mary Cocktail, Tomato Juice...to say a few.

Thirdly, like us you can find so many different shapes and colours of Tomatoes. There’s red, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, black and practically infinite shades in between. Round, oval, big and small! More than 15000 varieties of them. We want to celebrate diversity! Because everyone is different and at the same time we are ONE!

And finally, the Health Benefits of Tomatoes. They boost immunity, help prevent Cancer and macular degeneration, promote healthy skin , reduce risk of heart disease and have high levels of anti-oxidants.

Choose whatever fits your lifestyle!